If you seek handmade one-of-a-kind artwork & accessories for your home or as a gift, please consider us as a source.
The back area of the Studio is dedicated to the on-site construction of stained glass and other crafts or artwork I produce. The front half of my store has become a retail Art Gallery to showcase not only my finished pieces but those of other artists. Most are local to the area.

Below is the work of contributing artists I selected to share my retail space with. You can see some of their work in person at the Art Gallery (124 N Main St. Wheaton, IL). The pictures below link directly to their websites. Please let them know you found them through A&G Studio!

Brian Fireman
contemporary furniture
Paul Sedory
home goods from retired
vineyard winebarrels
Judith Shepelak
fine art
Maier Woodworking
handmade clocks and
other fine woodworking
Antoinette Rosa

Cecile Derel
glass artist

Marina Kuchinski
ceramic artist
Waterfall Glen Soap
all vegan all natural
soaps and cosmetics

All artwork, designs and photos are the copyrighted intellectual property of Art & Glass Studio or its associated artists. Do not copy or reproduce without permission.
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