Fused Glass
Mini kaleidoscope pendant
Several in stock

Other Crafts

8 gig computer flashdrive.

computer flashdrive

Address Tiles.
Available in handcrafted frames or seperately.
See 'Ceramics Gallery' for more.

Remodel of a restaurant in Glen Ellyn, IL
A minor remodeling commission. The fresh paint colours compliment a paneled front counter featuring a concrete top. Countless other details include new handmade signage all around using reclaimed fence wood. The wood, concrete and various metals are repeated harmoniously throughout.

La Grange Business Association Rainbarrels Summer 2010
A charity event in La Grange, IL. Barrels are sponsored by local businesses, painted by a local artist (in this case me, at Art & Glass!), and auctioned in Sept 2010 for charity. A Rain barrel is a water tank used to collect rain water from your roof for later use, generally garden watering.
The four photos on the first row is "Love yer Mother" sponsored by Assist-A-Pet in association with Digital Studios Inc. / Row two is "Thai and Thai Again" commissioned by Thipi Thai restaurant of LaGrange. I had great fun painting these barrels! They're ecologically and economically friendly. I can paint your old barrel or supply you with a new one.

La Grange Business Association Rocking Chairs Summer 2011
This year is a rocking chair entitled 'Recircle' sponsored by Assist-A-Pet in association with Digital Studios Inc.
All artwork, designs and photos are the copyrighted intellectual property of Art & Glass Studio. Do not copy or reproduce without permission.
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