Open the below photos to explore a handful of my past projects.
(Check back if you're interested as more photos, details, and projects will be added from time to time.)
Arthur Heurtley house, Oak Park, IL
1997 renovations

Tiffany Studios panel
collection of the Hultgrens

Walter Gale house, Oak Park, IL
Restorations and reproductions were built during 2000/2001 renovations and further work is scheduled for 2023

Fitzpatrick residence, Wheaton, IL
"After" restoration photos of 4 windows. 2 of which had extensive damage and obscure antique glass

St. Luke in Evanston, IL

Before & After

EE Roberts home in Oak Park, IL

Millard house, Highland Park, IL
Several damaged windows are being repaired and restored between 2021 & 2023

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