"Dear Lawrence,

Thank you very much for your work. I have always been impressed with the quality of it, and this is why I have used you repeatedly during the years to repair my windows.

However, the 2 last windows you prepared, the semicircular panels with 'starburst' are simply exceptional and they definitely add to the beauty of my home. I am sure that the thousands of tourists that come to see my house every year will also be pleased."

Owner of the Walter Gale House by F.L Wright

"I asked Law to take a look at a stained glass panel that I had bought at my Grandmothers Estate Sale (long sad story). It was from the original St. John's Church in LG (on 47th & Brainard) which was demolished in I believe 1967-8 and rebuilt to it's current state. The panel was beautiful but old, dirty and had several panes broken. Law took on the job and did an amazing job. He is an old school/world craftsman who I sincerely appreciate and respect for his craft. So check out his work and if you become a client, you are blessed."

D. Bezek

"Law recently completed a repair of an original stained glass window from a historic home in Naperville. The work required removing the piece and taking it to his studio for repairs. He was prompt, handled and transported the piece with extreme care. I found his workmanship and professionalism to be of the highest quality."

Steve Carr
Steve Carr Builders

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