Clay Art Tiles
More designs and colours on the way. Also look for street address number tiles coming soon in Craftsman and Art Nouveau styles.
Mortise and tenon
quarter sawn oak frame
Standard frame for 4" tile
Mortise and tenon
standard oak, house no. frame

Individual tiles
with screw mounting holes
4" Art tiles: $50
4" address no. tiles: $35 each
Mortise & tenon premium wood frames with 4" tiles: $160
Standard oak frames with 4" tiles: $110
House No. frames, fully urethaned and with mounting hardware, red oak mortise & tenon: $250 (plus $35 per #)
Custom orders including exotic woods and stain colours available.

All artwork and photos are owned and copyrighted by Art & Glass Studio. Do not copy or reproduce without permission.
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